Frequently asked questions

What is PredictionElect?

We describe PredictionElect as a proof of prediction tool for Twitter. The tool allows you to create a prediction, make the proof of the predictions existence public without revealing what it is. At a later point you can reveal your prediction (by clicking the "Tweet full prediction") which will retweet with a comment the original proof tweet and reveal your prediction.

The revealed prediction tweet can then be independently verified to show that the cryptographic hash (the sequence of 64 characters) in the proof tweet matches the prediction.

Do I have to predict something?

No. You don't have to make a prediction if you don't want, you could just make any statement.

What is a cryptographic hash?

Wikipedia can probably do a better job than me at explaining it, but for our purposes we can think of it as a representation of the data (in this case the prediction) that can only be found knowing the original input. Thus we cannot take the hash and create the prediction but we can take the prediciton and find the hash.

We are using the SHA-256 cryptographic hash function.

What if somebody makes the same prediction as me, will the proof be the same?

No. For each prediction created we add some uniqueness to it, this is why the reveal tweet ends in a 12 digit number surrounded by brackets.

Why can my prediction only be 265 characters long when Twitter allows 280?

See the answer above. To ensure that no two predictions share the same proof, we add some uniqueness to the prediction which consists of 12 digits surrounded by 2 brackets with a space. This all adds up to 280 characters.

We wanted the full verifiable prediction to fit into a single tweet but we will look at adding the ability for longer predictions in the future.

Is there a limit to the number of predictions I can make?

Yes. It's currently set at 55 but hit us up on Twitter if you need more.

I have a question, how do I get in touch?

The easiest way is probably to ping us a message on Twitter: @predictionelect

Who created PredictionElect?

@harveytoro. Come say Hi on Twitter.

If you find this tool useful and want to support, you can find me on Buy me a coffee.

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